Aye Ko

What is Peace 2015

Duration: 30 minutes [estimated]

 “Peace” it is the word what everyone asked and keeps asking as always in the time of transaction. The single word, very simple and very clear can make everyone alive to take part and take responsibility of the duties of the history and the futures. As an artist, who is living and existing in his society, he also takes that role of the one who is reminding and believing in “Peace”. As himself totally understood upon “Peace” the element, what is importantly playing the political stream of the country. And it is coming through the pains, suffers, lacking of human rights, restrict rulings, bloody civil wars and ethnical crises. When these all ended, you can feel the sense of peace and you can touch it’s whiteness and clearness. But the society, what the artist lives and works is still facing and suffering above sicknesses of unfair governance. So the artist inspires and echoes the voices of people, hungers of children and pains of the whole society which is asking for “Peace” in his performance “What is peace”.

Walking on the red carpet with the umbrella which is written five words “POWER, PEACE, WAR, LOVE, FEAR” on it’s roof. And hanging a dove in the cave and wearing white European suit with the white bag. (The bag which is putting wine bottle, lighter, gasoline, lip stick, wine glasses, red paint, radio, marker pen, scissors and bandage)