Thyitar Art


Performance art

A Long String and flowers (roses)

Time – 15min to 30 min

Date – 18th April or 19th April


I will hang flowers by string. And I make perform.


Conversations have actions and reactions. These can touch my minds various condition.


Installation and Performance Art

Materials – over 100 barbs, red strings and red dress

Time - over 30minutes

Date – 22th April 2017


I will hang barbs by red strings. I will make performance with this installation.


I am a woman. I am an Artist. So I am a woman artist. I want to reveal my woman artist life.  Also; woman artist are live base on free heart, brain and open mind but they also live in situation which is not safe and free culturally. This situation is look like hooking my minds by barb. I want to define barb is trap. These can trap, banned, hamper. I feel my life hook with a lot of fish hook.