Best wishes from the island

Best regards from the island, I have signed my mails in the last 3 months. Each one has a different picture for the place where he or she has spent the time since March 16. A time of state of emergency, where traditional rules don't seem to work anymore. Habitual access to forms and concepts of thinking had to change by force.
The island as a space for thought and action Accesses that had focused on international art and exchange concepts, with the self-evidence of being able to be present anywhere in the world at any time, had become meaningless. It was a matter of course to immerse oneself in art and cultural contexts across the globe, to further develop the dialogue with international artists, and to invite and reintroduce them into the local culture. An extraordinary treasure that had been at our disposal. From this, a network covering Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, the Philippines and China was created. From China the end of this matter of course started. There, where we had further developed and exhibited the project "Exploring the original nature" until the beginning of December, the reason for the end of this matter of course had probably already arrived in the world. Perhaps even in the surroundings of the artists who came from different parts of China. Who knows?

The world as studio, world island

"point of view" - LuguHu District, China, habitat of the Musuo, macro photography, 2019

Impression island

What happens when self-evident things break up? What does it feel like? What kind of traces develop when access no longer works. Does this network remain, and how? Lock down, everything concentrates on a small, self-contained cosmos. Suddenly society slows down. Its own daily rhythm is reduced. There's no excuse to do nothing anymore. There is time to tidy up the apartment, time to sort, to rethink artistic processes and insights. A time island is created. Direct relationship, partnership, even family escapes the direct connection. What is the result, uncertainty? Island as a point of escape from the reality of life? A small unit with the directly obvious references that are essential. What and who belongs to it? Who can be on the island? Impressions in the distance - collected like bees and concentrated on the island.

Storage island

3 years ago I finally gave up my studio in Eningen and others.
30 years of art - sighted and sorted out. Decisions had to be
made about what would and would not last. What existed at
that time was allowed to go with me - to Pfäffingen. As a result,
Reutlingen as a field of activity and artistic focus has slowly

Home island,

does it emerge from the standstill, now, real? Home island. It's not occupied yet. It wants to be revived. The homelessness seems to have found a place.

Myself and I

Me and Myself is a reunion after 30 years. In the early 1990s, body prints were made of my own body at performances. Some of them survived the years as massive plaster sculptures. Since they had to model for follow-up projects, time has left its mark That can't just be seen in the models. The shape of my body has survived as a 30-year-old man. My body today and then are facing each other. The body feeling is different. The appearance is different. The body remembers!Body memory - a reservoir of themes and feelings. In retrospect, the body island connects with the memory island, collides with the time island and allows plastic and performative projects to emerge.

"Me and Myself", old buddies, reunion after 30 years!


Who protects me from whom?

I to myself and mine opposite

I protect myself from 


We protect ourselves from 

the ..

You protect yourself from 


Mine towards me protects itself from 


They protect themselves from 


Who protects the bond between us?

„Fake diamonds!"